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What you see is chaos. Loveable, crazy, fun, tiring, fantastic chaos. Andrew (on left) and I, Sharon,  on the right, go back a decade. We were no different from anyone else. 2o somethings, trying to get through college, sweating away in restaurants, planning our lives (over too much beer and wine) and just knowing we wanted to be together. We took strange paths. I went to school, then went back, then continued and accomplished a BFA in ceramics and a BA in Finance. Andrew completed his BA in Management and minor in HR. We were on our way...so we thought. After punching the clock at insurance companies and banks, we looked at each other with the same "what happened?" expression and quit. I focused on my Sommelier certification and Andrew worked up to management at the Cheyenne Mountian Resort Country Club. This is where we implemented plan B.


Plan B, was never exactly a plan, but complete instinct. Andrew and I knew that we wanted to work where we loved to be...like home. A place that relflected our style, love for wine, whole food and community, We initially started out with the Emporium. Our fun little wine and beer boutique. This created a pathway and the confidence to open the wine bar. Since, the store has closed. We made this decision to focus on family and put our efforts towards the wine bar.  Now, Swirl is our home and we see our customers as guests and we absolutley love hanging out there with them.