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Our resident CSM certified Sommelier, part owner, mom, artist, chameleon and visionary. Sharon is from West Palm Beach, Florida and comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She received her BFA in ceramics from UF and after moving to Colorado attended UCCS and received her BA in Finance. She started working in the restaurant industry as early as 16 and never really stopped.











The core, the braun, the superdad with cape and builder of great things. A long time Manitou local. His family goes back two generations in Manitou. Andrew is our head Chef that will make you love pickles and peanut butter together.









The light, the glamour, the one to keep you on you toes and grounded to the earth. Our

amazing manager that has our back.










The calm, the gentle waves, the new sweet dad.


It doesn't get more real or authentic than Max. He's full of questions, curiosity and empathy. He greets you like any old, long time friend would.