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Mom Juice
  • Sharon Erale-Palmer

Mom Juice

You have little time. Too much information. You have to keep up with the news, the end of the world (possibly) and feel guilty for the wrong words you used with your kids the day before. The heavy heart and responsibility keeps us alive, but I will always have my mom juice. This is wine. Not any wine, sorry, I refuse to drink crap wine. In my blog to come, I will share my drinking experience of amazing wines, wine makers, mother nature's wrath and brilliance when it come to growing grapes. I'm incredibly passionate about wine. I'm a CMS certified Sommelier for over 10 years...yes that make a HUGE difference compared to a new certified. I have taken my advance and the realization that my family comes first was the most important thing I took from that three day exam. I did not pass, but I came home to screams and giggles that filled up the whole of my failure. So worth it. Therefore, I will share my trials, tribulations and my expertise in wine from my experience of over 20 years in the restaurant and wine industry. AND for the love of god, sulfites are in wine, get over it.


717 Manitou Ave

Manitou Springs, CO 80829


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